About Us

My name is Diane and I am a single Mom with three kids, two girls and a boy.  They are all teenagers or a little  older now.  They have taught me a lot and made me a better person.

It is hard to generalize about what every parent wants for every kid, but I hope we can agree that we all want our kids to be happy.  Yet, it is impractical and unrealistic to work towards a somewhat illusive happiness. Lots of parents and kids are mostly happy.  There are really struggles in raising kids.... that look nothing like happiness.  There are some false advertisements that we see showing happy looking parents and kids doing fun things together...or even parents with young children that look well rested!  We have to speak honestly about what it is like to be a parent.

I think a practical approach to raising our kids would be to make the best choices we can to guide kids to be moral and productive.  We all need to take the idea of moral and productive and use our own interpretations for the benefit of our kids.  We are a lot more similar than we are different and we can learn from each other.  

Through Best Choice Parent, you receive reminders, stories, suggestions, and information.  There are kind words from one parent to another for you to make the best choices you can for your kids.  

No doubt that at some point in your life you promised yourself that you would do your best for your kids and all we do is keep you accountable.