Triggers August 07 2015, 0 Comments

With my closest relationships I feel especially determined to make sure I try my hardest.  I have something called my short list.  These are my friends and family that I would do about anything for.  Call me day or night and I would come running, no questions asked.

Obviously, my kids are on that list.  

Since these are my most important relationships I have intentionally put what I call triggers in my life with them.  The trigger is what I think of the moment I see them.  I am setting the mood for how I want to be when I am with them.  My daughter told me one time that I was the happiest person she knew.  That didn't happen by accident.  It happened because no matter what else was going on, I was doing my best to find something to be happy about.  

One of the triggers was when my daughter was accepted into a school that she wanted to get into and to remember how ecstatic she was.  

Another time was when all of my kids and I were line dancing in the kitchen to Beyonce.

Another time was when my daughter first saw the beach as a toddler and she loved it so much that she was trying to eat the sand!

My triggers are really just cute memories that I think of that makes me amused or happy.  No one knows what I am thinking, but I am smiling.  

You can really project a positive interaction with your relationships if you choose to do so.  I have found that thinking of these triggers is a good way to support that approach.  It's not just a general - have a positive attitude.  It's a personal memory that triggers a good start to the next interaction.

what one nice thing have you done for yourself today?