Start thinking August 03 2015, 0 Comments


We are raising the next generation of thinkers.  Your kid will need to do critical thinking. 

Critical thinking means that all the possibilities are considered.

I don't think we want our kids to just do what is most popular or adopt conformist thinking.  They need to take "best practices" and combine it with the current day's challenges.  

Do your kids figure out what they think you want them to say and that is their answer?  Are they trying to please you at the sake of thinking for themselves?  

If you are of the opinion that in the long term, your kid will probably learn to think for themselves, that is not going to serve your kid well.  Start today, it is not too soon.  Start small.  Ask them why they think about something the way they do.  

Parents can support critical thinking by providing good questions to their kids and then just listening.  Mostly, just listening.

what one nice thing will you do for yourself today?