I don't like.... July 19 2015, 0 Comments

I have learned that if there is something I don't like about my child, I don't have to let them know it.  

We talk about it.  

Mostly, I want my child to talk about it to me.  I want to have them tell me all they can about what I don't like about her, him or "something".

I listen a lot.  

I lean in.

I smile.

I just don't say I don't like "x" and remove all doubt.

For example, if he/she has a friend I don't like.  I will ask about the friend, his/her family, where he/she lives, how they met, what's cool about the friend, what sports he/she plays, etc...We talk it out and through that I see my child starting to put the pieces together about who their friend is.  I am not going to like all their friends, but I at least want my kids to see their friends for who they are.  

Kids don't want to be judged.  They want unconditional love.

If your child is going to be the best they can be, there are going to be times when you don't like what they do, but it is not for you to judge everything they do, but to be supportive of who they are.