What's right? June 21 2015, 0 Comments

As a parent, I thought one of the goals was always to do the right thing for your child.  It flies in the face of common sense that you would ever want to do anything else.  So, when my daughter was about 9 and said, "why do you always have to be right?", I took it as a compliment.  A few months later, she said it again and with more attitude.  

I started to think ...I have to be right because you depend on what I do and I want the best for you.  Turns out that there are times when doing what is right can backfire.  Sometimes, there is more to it than meets the eye.  I told my daughter if she didn't clean her room that she wouldn't go to her best friend's birthday party.  She didn't clean it and I didn't let her go.  It was a big disappoint to her and to her friend. My position was that rules are rules.  What I didn't see is that it hurt their relationship.  I should have picked a different consequence for not cleaning her room.

Being right and doing what is right for your kids is extremely important.  There are times when you can be right and also have another purpose.  I have messed that up sometimes, but I know better now and I try to do better.

what one nice thing will you do for yourself today?