Strength June 11 2015, 0 Comments

It's very important to look for a kid's strength and find ways to support it and develop it. It's not always obvious and honestly, you may not be able to find a strength that is really clear.  

A lot of times it is something they do so naturally, you and your kid may not think of it as a strength.  From a fairly young age, I saw the doodles all over my daughter's work.  I can remember thinking that it was creative doodling.  Sometimes she would just doodle as she was thinking or talking as though the doodling process helped her think. She took art classes in high school and I framed some of her art and hung it up in our house.  I got her some supplies. I encouraged her to use her talent.  Today, she is in an industrial design school.

There are going to be plenty of things that our kids are not good at or are even lousy at doing.  That's normal, but we don't need to really emphasize the things we know they cannot do or do well.  The sense of confidence and pride that kids get from doing something well is immeasurable.  It sends a clear message that there are things in life worth taking a chance on that they may want to explore.  

 what one nice thing will you do for yourself today?