Why? June 03 2015, 0 Comments

You probably know your kids really well.  I thought I did too.  Well, maybe I don't know them as well as I thought or ...they are always changing and I need to remember to see them differently as they have earned it.

When one of my kids really wants something you can tell.  They have a certain look in their eye.  They use a tone that is not the every day tone and it begs the question "why"?

Why? Why? Why? 

My daughter came to me one day and asked me if she could paint her room.  

I am thinking she wants to change the color of the room, kind of redecorate.  Get a fresh look.

But I asked her "why"?

She said that she wanted to draw/paint "things" on her walls.

Oh!  I asked "why" and what would you draw?

She explained that she wanted to use her talent as an artist to express herself and wasn't sure what she would actually draw.

Oh! I asked "why" do you want to do it on your walls?.

She just thought that would be cool.

I learn a lot when I ask "why" repeatedly and just listen.

This time I learned that my daughter thinks she is an artist and she is confident enough in who she is that she would share her art with anyone who came to her room.  She was testing me.

I smiled and said that seeing her art everyday on her walls would be cool.  I said that she could paint whatever she wanted.  Translated, I trust you.

Years later...it is still there and I am so glad that she did it.  I am not sure I will ever be able to paint over it.

She painted this airplane.



what one nice thing will you do for yourself today?